So, welcome to my uber late blog!

Like most of my good intentions, they usually do happen but very rarely on time.  Hell, my travel/work abroad plans were ten years in the making so you wont be so surprised that by blog has taken two months to get off the ground!  My general non compliance to the internationally popular linear-time concept was just one of the factors getting in the way of the birth of the best Torrance, ED to Vancouver, BC Travel Blog ever made.  The other main factor in this delay came from what is probably the steepest learning curve I have acquired on my travels so far, possibly even in my life…

I don’t care how fancy and easy and able-to-launch-a-space-shuttle-esque you make your iPads seem on your swish TV ads Apple, they are not an appropriate substitute for a laptop!! 

Luckily I saved most of my thoughts, ramblings and general observations in emails so the first few entries will be genuine, raw, feeling-of-the-moment-accounts…not just my glorified memory of the situation.  I said not just.  Anyways, we’re all here now.  Enjoy!