Boston (Tea Optional) Party!

Loooved Boston, again I really need to spend more time here.  Damn my whistle-stop tour of North America!


Hello America!  I found my way fairly easily from the bus station to the hostel, which is in Chinatown, so loads of great food around! And the USA immigration officers weren’t as scary as I thought they would be! Funny thing about my hostel room…I went in to dump my bag and there was a walking stick hanging up! I thought it was maybe someone under the age of 60 with a bad leg, so I went back to the room a few hours later and there’s an old lady staying there! I don’t mean ‘old’ like I would make fun of my parents for being old, I mean like Grandma/Great Grandma old, she must have been at least 75! Turns out she was from San Diego and just traveling around like the rest of us, good on her! So I just got some Chinatown food, booked onto the Freedom Trail Tour and went to bed with some Breaking Bad.


I didn’t know it was possible to pack so much into a day!  Freedom Trail in the morning, in the rain, where I met Jess, Liz, Eric and Sophie.  Great tour and then onto some Boston seafood at an awesome place called The Daily Catch.  Then off for a wander around the Boston market, almost caught a Halloween flash mob and then off to s swish hotel for some Boston Cream Pie and Irish Coffee.  A slice of pizza for dinner (the size of your head!) and then on with the hostel bar crawl.  Turns out that the bar crawl was really badly organised and no bar would accept the large group, so a few of us broke off onto our own bar crawl and had a great night playing ‘have you ever’ with a group of people I only met that day.

Best day of the trip yet, favourite city of the tour so far…but of course next we have…New York!!

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