The Apocalypse, and then Christmas.

What were you doing when the world ended?

I was at the end of my first full week of work since leaving for my travels, looking out at the rain, attempting to nurse a hangover that for once, didn’t belong to me.  And then the world didn’t end.  I kind of had an idea that this would be the case, due to having some people on the inside (i.e. Australia) who assured me that, as the one of the first countries to see the dawn of 12-21-12, there was no sign of impending doom on the horizon.

ImageIndeed.  Not that I wanted the world to end, of course not!  I just managed to get my ass out of Scotland after ten years of trying – it would be incredibly annoying if the whole world went away two months later.  No – I just expected more pre-apocolypotic craziness…stores selling out of candles and Spam, cardboard signs written in ketchup and maybe a nice string quartet like off of Titanic.  With Vancouver’s abundant supply of crazy people, I have to say I expected more.

A Very Merry Vancouver Christmas

My first Christmas away from home!  Something that I wasn’t all that excited about, but wanted to experience at some point.  And a very good experience it was.  Most of this was down to my uncanny luck with finding my current housemates.  Christmas Eve was spend showing our lovely new house guest, Glenda (Jay’s mum), around Vancouver.  Some local beer samples at the Granville Island Brewery, a trip around the Christmas Market finished off with an unexpected piss up courtesy of Captain Morgan


Christmas Day we had a proper Christmas dinner, with a few variations on the traditional ingredients (i.e. pigs in blankets had to be replaced by pigs in duvets!).  We had all arranged a Secret Santa, which I totally lucked out on with my new super-cool snowboarding helmet, thanks Mark!  The obligatory Skype call back home was made, with my mum ducking behind the sofa in the background despite me insisting that she looked exactly the same on Skype as in real life.  A round of the new Michael McIntyre and Kevin Bridges (little bit of home), and then more drinking to see the night away.

You can’t really beat Christmas at home, but I did not too badly in Vancouver.